Leasing guarantees


Leasing guarantees

Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund - financial institution, providing guarantees to financial lease (leasing) companies. The Company issues guarantees for financial lease (leasing) granted to:

  • Agricultural entities – economic entities engaged in agriculture and their agricultural holding is registered in Agriculture and Rural Business Registry of Republic of Lithuania:

   - Farmers‘ farms;

   - Agricultural companies;

   - Cooperative societies (cooperatives) recognised as agricultural cooperative societies (cooperatives);

   - Other agricultural enterprises. 

  • Alternative to agriculture economic entities;
  • Companies purchasing and/or processing and/or selling agricultural products;
  • Fishery entities.

Guarantees issuing terms and conditions:

The Company provides guarantees to financial lease (leasing) companies the payment of up to 60 per cent of the unpaid portion of the price for the purchased assets. Guarantees shall be provided only to finance financially sound and commercially feasible projects and to the economic entities that are not considered to be undertakings in difficulty. 

Financial lease (leasing) guarantees are issued for:

  • New (unused) industrial mechanisms acquisition;
  • New (unused) equipments, technological lines acquisition;
  • New (unused) agricultural and forestry machinery acquisition.
  Financial Leasing Guarantees
Leasing purpose New (unused) equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, production equipment or mechanisms, manufactured no later than 2 years before the conclusion of a financial lease (leasing) contract. **
Maximum leasing amount 1 million LTL
Total amount of guarantees for economic entities 1 million LTL
Guarantee fee*
(calculation based on the amount of guarantee)

• From 4.5 percent up to 6,8 percent (for investments without EU financial support applies to 80 per cent compensation).

Fee for extension of validity period of guarantee 

0.3 % on the guaranteed amount of the extended installments established in the financial lease (leasing) agreement multiplied by the number of years, for which the payment of unpaid installments under the financial lease (leasing) agreements hs been extended.

* The size of guarantee fee depends on project risk, leasing duration, leasing amount, loyalty of leasing beneficiary. The established guarantee fee is reduced for economic entities, which have insured agricultural plants.

** New (unused) production equipment and/or new unused machinery shall be new - manufactured no later than 2 years before the conclusion of a financial lease (leasing) contract and unused (assets acquired under a financial lease (leasing) agreement have not been used by other economic entities for its designated purpose; the testing, tuning and completeness or functionality checks and similar actions performed prior to the sale of such equipment and/or machinery shall not be deemed to be the use of such assets) equipment, installations, technological lines and agricultural and forestry machinery (except for parts, passenger and cargo vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, vessels, rail and tram locomotives, the rolling stock, planes) intended for carrying out production (production of goods, materials or energy), service provision and construction activities and not for household use or lease, the wholesale and retail trade activity, provision of transport services, real estate lease, leisure, sports and fitness (except for medical activity) activities and which are not an integral part of residential premises and non-residential buildings.