The procedure for providing individual guarantees by ACGF is regulated by the resolution no. 912 "On the Agricultural Loan Guarantee Fund" issued by Government of the Republic of Lithuania on August 22nd, 1997, and by provision for the individual guarantees approved by order no. 3D-624 of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania on November 14th, 2019.

The ACGF guarantees financial institutions a refund of up to 80 percent of the unrecovered part of the provided financial services. Guarantees are provided for:

Guarantees are provided to financial institutions for financial services provided to economic entities whose activities are related to agriculture, food farming, forestry, rural development and fisheries.

Guarantees are provided only for such financial services that are intended to finance commercially sound and creditable projects that meet the criteria approved by ACGF for the provision of guarantees and which are provided to economic entities without financial difficulties.

More information on Individual Guarantees: