About us


About us

Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter - Company) is a financial institution established according to the Resolution No.912 "Regarding Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund" of 22 August 1997 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania holds the shares (100%) owned by the State under the right of trust and it's in charge of supervision of the Company.

Goal - to help economic entities which do not have sufficient collateral and financial resources, to develop and establish businesses, modernize farms and companies, and produce competitive products by providing favourable borrowing conditions, to seek that the state social and political objectives are implemented and that the Company's activities are profitable.

Mission - to promote the economic development of agricultural sector and creation of alternative businesses in rural areas.

Vision - become the most advanced organization in Lithuania, recognized by partners and customers, providing high-quality and marketable financial services.


  • attention on customers and partners needs;
  • professionalism and operativeness;
  • steady improvement and assimilation of innovations.

Strategic direction - to provide favorouble borrowing conditions to economic entities which do not have sufficient collateral and assumption of risk management.

Main functions:

  • issue of guarantees to credit institutions and financial lease (leasing) companies;
  • administration of state aid (guarantee fee and credit interest partial compensation);
  • administration of the Credit Fund;
  • administration of the Indemnity Fund of Licensed Warehouses.